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Chat Metadata

Certain chat cards have metadata attached to them. Assuming you have an instance of ChatMessagePF from somewhere (such as game.messages.get()), you can use the following function to retrieve the metadata:

msg.getFlag("pf1", "metadata")

Not all messages have this metadata object. For those that do, assume the following interface (written as if per TypeScript):

interface DamageRoll {
    damageType: string;
    roll: RollJSON;

interface ChatMetadata_Rolls_Attack {
    attack?: RollJSON;
    critConfirm?: RollJSON;
    damage?: { [k: number]: DamageRoll; };
    critDamage?: { [k: number]: DamageRoll; };

interface ChatMetadata {
    item: string;
    template?: string;
    rolls?: {
        attacks?: { [k: number]: ChatMetadata_Rolls_Attack; };

In the above interfaces, you will notice a RollJSON interface that doesn’t get declared. This is actually a result of Roll.toJSON() from the base FoundryVTT application.

In ChatMetadata, the item and template keys store the item and measured template ID associated with the chat card.

Last updated on 6 Aug 2020
Published on 6 Aug 2020